Bai JuYi 白居易

Born: 772 CE (Xinzheng, Henan Province)
Died: 846 CE (Luoyang, Henan Province)
Dynasty: Tang

Bai JuYi passed the civil service examination in 800 CE and spent most of his life as a government official.  His poetry is known for being accessible (it is said that he rewrote any part of a poem that one of his servants could not understand) and tended to revolve around his responsibilities as an official.  During his career, he held positions at the Hanlin Academy and as Prefect of Hangzhou and later Suzhou.  He wrote nearly 3000 poems, which he copied and distributed to ensure their survival.

Source: wikipedia.org 03.13.08

▪ 长恨歌 ▪ Song of Everlasting Sorrow
暮江吟 Song of Sunset on the River
问刘十九 Invitation to Big Liu