Du Mu 杜牧

Born: 803 CE (Chang'an, Shaanxi Province)
Died: 852 CE (place unknown)
Dynasty: Tang

Du Mu was born into an elite family whose fortunes were on the decline.  Though he passed the civil service examination in 827 CE at the age of 25, he never achieved a high rank, in part because of his family's misfortunes, in part because of the political intrigues of his day.  He is best known for his sensual, lyrical poetry that blends classic imagery with wordplay or startling juxtapositions.
Du Mu and Li Shangyin, another Late Tang poet, are often referred to as 小李杜 (Little Li-Du) is contrast to 大李杜 (Grand Li-Du), Li Bai and Du Fu.

Source: wikipedia.org 03.03.09

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