Han Yu 韩愈

Born: 768 CE (Nanyang, Henan Province)
Died: 824 CE (Chang'an (capital), Shaanxi Province)
Dynasty: Tang

Han Yu, an orphan, passed the civil service examination in 792 CE after three unsuccessful attempts.  He then formed a literary circle that was the start to his widespread influence.  He held a series of government posts until 819 when he was banished to the south by the Tang emperor Xianzong as a result of his celebrated "Memorial on Bone Relics of the Buddha", protesting against pervasive Buddhist influence across the nation.  He was a poet and essayist, his works a harbinger of the rising tide of Neo-Confucianism.

Source: wikipedia.org 06.12.08

左迁至蓝关示侄孙湘 Relegated to Lan Pass,
An Explanation to My Grandnephew Xiang