Originally designed for Chinese etymology research, dailycharacter was my pet project for two years.  Unfortunately technical difficulties have forced me to abandon many of the archives.  The following poems still have full access to character etymologies:
Bai JuYi's 问刘十九
Du Fu's 春望
Han Yu's 左迁至蓝关示侄孙湘
Li Bai's 秋浦歌
Li Shen's 闵农
Liu ZongYuan's 江雪
Wang Wei's 相思
All other poems still contain full explanations and translations.
I have experimented in my translations with how best to convey the impact and succinctness of traditional Chinese poetic forms (but please note that I have done so with no regard for rhyme or metrics).
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Rights to translations on this site are protected under Creative Commons Licensing.  All information is based on my personal research and runs the risk of being incomplete, incorrect, or otherwise off-base as human endeavors are wont to be...