eight, to divide/separate
bái white, blank, a Chinese surname
bēi cup/glass
corruption/fraud, detriment
biān side, border/edge
biăn to devalue/degrade/demote
bié other, to differentiate, do not, to depart
no, not
căi to gather/pick, bright colors
cān food/meal
cán deficient/remnant, to destroy
căo grass/straw
cháng long, length
cháo imperial court/dynasty, to face
cháo the tide, damp/moist
chéng to become, to complete/accomplish
chéng a walled city
chóng to repeat, layer
chóu to worry/be anxious
chú to divide, except/besides
chú to hoe, a hoe
chŭ to handle, to dwell
chù place, feature
chūn spring
this/such/thus/if so/here
cuī mourning garments
dāng to accept, to work as
dàng appropriate, to regard as
de (particle)
to obtain
děi to need
a drop, to drip
to resist, to offset/balance, to prop up
diào to fish
dòu bean, ceremonial serving dish
to block, pear tree, a Chinese surname
duăn short/brief, to be deficient
dūo many/much, extra, how
è 饿 hungry, hunger
to dispatch/to occur ()
hair ()
fēi to fly
fēng (measure word), to seal/block
fēng fire signaling enemy invasion in ancient China
an adult male, husband
father/man, only/just
găn feeling/emotion, to feel/to sense
gēng night-watch, to alter
gèng to a greater degree
bone, skeleton
guān to close, checkpoint, to relate to/concern
guó country/nation/kingdom
hăi the sea/ocean (by extension: a great quantity)
hán cold, winter
hán Korea, a Chinese surname
hàn sweat/perspiration
hăo good, (finished), very
hào to be fond of
grain on the stalk
what/which, a Chinese surname
hèn to hate, hatred, to regret
héng to move crosswise
hèng unexpected/unreasonable
hóng red, popular/fashionable, revolutionary
huā flower/blossom, florid, to spend/expend
hún entire/complete, muddy/turbid
hŭo fire/flame
nearly/almost, small table
a few, how many
jiā home/house/household/family
jiàn to splash/splatter
jiāng river, a Chinese surname
jiāng (future), (grammatical inversion)
jiàng a military leader of high rank
jiē all/every
jīn gold, money
jīng to startle/alarm
jìng mirror
jìng path/track, means, diameter
jiŭ nine, a large amount
jiŭ liquor/wine/alcohol
to live/reside
jué to vanish, to sever, matchless, used up
jūn lord/monarch, you (to male, formal speech)
(measure word for small objects)
kěn to agree/to consent
bitter, pain/suffering
lái to come/to arrive, next
lán blue
lèi tears
inside, neighborhood, ½ kilometer
plum/plum tree, a Chinese surname
bamboo hat
lián to connect, successively
lĭng mountain ridge/range
liú to slay, a Chinese surname
lĭu willow tree, a Chinese surname
lǜ 绿 green
a horse
miè extinguish/exterminate
mĭn to pity/commiserate/grieve
míng bright, clear, evident, to understand
tree, wood
nán south
néng can/to be able to, capability/skill, energy
mud/mire, mashed fruit or vegetable
nián a year
niăo bird
nóng agriculture, farmer, peasant
pán plate/dish, to examine
pēi unfiltered (wine)
to break/shatter, worn out/ruined
qiān thousand
qiān to move/to get transferred
qián front/forward/previous, to advance/proceed
qín an ancient Chinese Kingdom, the Qin Dynasty
qiū autumn
rén human/person/people
the sun, day
sān three
sāo to scratch, to annoy
shān mountain
shéi who, someone/anyone
shēn deep
shēn sash, a member of the gentry
shēng life, to be born/beget, raw
shēng competent
shèng to win, victory
shèng sacred/holy, a sage
shí ten, complete
shí time, hour
shì to teach/demonstrate
shì affair/matter/business
shōu to accept/receive, to collect/gather
shū writings/book, a letter, script
shuāi to decline/to wane
shuāng frost
to contemplate, to long for
death, to die, (superlative)
to appear/seem/resemble
sūn grandchild
sūo straw raincoat
tiān sky/heavens, day, God
tián field, agricultural land
tóu head/end/top, first
soil, earth, native, rustic
wăn evening, late
wàn ten thousand, myriad, a Chinese surname
wáng king
wàng to govern
wàng the full moon, to hope, to gaze at
wéi to serve/act as, to do
wéi to tie/unite
wèi for
wèn to ask
wēng father/old man
without, not
I/me/we/us (literary usage)
thing/object, the physical world
to treasure/cherish, to regret, to pity
xià below/under, to descend, next
xián idle, a barrier/fence
xiāng reciprocal
xiāng a river in Hunan Province
xiàng to study/examine, appearance
xiăo small
xié to collect/pick (from above)
xīn heart, mind, feelings, center/middle
xīn difficult/laborious, hardship/suffering
xīn new
xĭu rotten, to decay, old and useless
xuě snow
easy, to change/exchange
yĭn to drink, to feel keenly
yīng should
yìng to respond to, to comply with
yōng to embrace, to crowd/swarm
yóu still, as if, a kind of monkey
yŏu to have/possess, to exist
to desire, to be about to, a wish
to improve, to a greater degree
yuán primary/original, one RMB
yuán cause/reason
yuăn distant/far
yuàn hope/desire, to be willing to
yuè the moon, month
yún to say/to speak, clouds ()
zài at, to exist, (progressive tense)
zān hairpin
zhăng to grow, chief/leader
zhàng 3⅓ meters or 10 feet
zhàng miasma
zhāo morning
zhī to know, knowledge
zhī branch/twig (of a tree)
zhí nephew
zhì to arrive at, to/until, extremely
zhōng middle/center/in, Sino-
zhŏng kind/type
zhòng to strike/hit
zhòng to plant
zhòng heavy, to emphasize
zhōu boat
zhōu state/province
child, son, seed, offspring
zōng ancestors, religion
zōng footprint/trace
zòu to report to the emperor, to play (instrument)
zùi most/extreme/(superlative)
zŭo left