Wang Wei 王维

Born: 699? CE (Puzhou, Shaanxi Province)
Died: 761 CE (unknown, possibly Lantian, Shaanxi)
Dynasty: Tang

Wang Wei, born into a high-ranking political family,  passed the civil service examination in 721 CE and went on to have a highly successful civil service career.  He spent much of his life studying Chan (Zen) Buddhism and his religious studies greatly affected the style of his poetry.  His wife died young, childless, after which Wang Wei devoted his life to the monastery.  Known as the Poet Buddha, he was also a highly skilled painter.

Source: wikipedia.org 08.08.08

汉江临眺 Looking Out on the Han River
送沈子福归江东 Farewell to Shen Zifu, Returning
to the East
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