Chinese Styles and Scripts

Oracle Bone Script ▪ 甲骨文 (1600-1050 BCE)
  -found on bones and shells used for divining
  -no longer in use

Bronzeware Script ▪ 金文/钟鼎文 (1100 - 220 BCE)
  -found on bronze objects
  -no longer in use

Seal Script ▪ 篆文 (220 BCE - present)
  -used for carved seals
  -still in use for seals and stamps

Clerical Script ▪ 隶书 (220 BCE - present)
  -considered prototype of modern Chinese script
  -still used for stylistic flair today

Regular Script ▪ 楷书 (600 CE - present)
  -modern standard for typing/printing

Running Script ▪ 行书 (600 CE - present)
  -commonly used today for handwriting

Grass/Cursive Script ▪ 草书 (200 BCE - present)
  -not in general use
  -mainly used by professional calligraphers

**chart of scripts with example characters**

Source: wikipedia.org (03.22.08)
(all dates approximate)