Li Bai 李白

Born: 701 CE (uncertain, possibly modern Kyrgyzstan)
Died: 762 CE (Dangtu, Anwei Province)
Dynasty: Tang
Association: Taoist

Li Bai is known as one of the greatest poets in Chinese history.  He came from a wealthy family and, though considered a genius, refused to sit for the civil service examination.  Instead, he spent most of his life traveling the country.  He settled for a short time in the capital to teach poetry in the emperor's Hanlin Academy.  Legend has it that he drowned in the Yangtze River when he fell from his boat while trying to embrace the moon's reflection in a drunken revelry.  It is commonly agreed, however, that he committed suicide (having left a farewell poem).  Roughly 1100 of his poems are still extant.

Source: wikipedia.org 03.13.08

秋浦歌(其十五) The Song of Autumn Shores
宿五松山荀媪家 Overnight at Old Lady Xun's at
the Foot of Five Pine Mountain
赠汪伦 For Wang Lun